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As a kid, I had always been an average student and that meant the extraordinary expectations from everyone as i moved forward. However I succumbed to those expectations and shifting to a completely new country for postgrad just put me off. However, this time I was a high flier. I was happy to have my parents proud in a long time. Looking back at this time, I’m glad I went through it all. The failures, the hardships and the relationships found and lost; because the lessons I learned have shaped me to be the human being I am now. So if you think the tough times are taking a toll on you- take a breath, and know this will pass. Also capture the good and bad times cause you will like looking at them in the years to come and smile that you survived it all. 🤍 . . #graduation #arugrad #aruchelmsford #postgrad #hardshipgoals #futurebegins #england #uk #malayali