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FAQ : What is your favourite thing about working in Primary Care? Answer: Wednesday! . . We have PA students from angliaruskin at our Surgery every Wednesday and they literally give me life. . . I didn’t make it far enough into my Nursing career to do Mentoring In Practise course, so it is something new for me. . . . But, I look forward to Wednesday 9am someone knocking on my door and asking to sit in with me. . . So today, I told one of the students, how grateful I am to have them there every Wednesday and he was so flabbergasted , because I’m always running late, and finishing late Wednesday and worried it may have been a burden. . . Little does he know I am running late and finishing late Thursday to Tuesday too, but at least Wednesday I am accompanied by kind enthusiastic colleagues to share day to day frustrations with. . . . 🤫(I do not tell them that, because I am tying to encourage them to have a career in Primary Care) So wrapping it up, happy hump day guys. 🥰 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #physicianassistant #physicianassociate #nurse #nursingschool #mentor #angliaruskin #placement #wednesdaywisdom #motivation