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“My interest in wildlife conservation and specifically working directly or indirectly on issues tackling biodiversity loss, climate change, and even socio-environmental justice is continuously stimulated by education and practical action. The inner need to be proactively engaged with conservation and not just conversation has been exponentially growing ever since I first sat in a lecture room at university. My greatest source of inspiration has continuously proven to be Mother Nature and genuine connections with like-minded individuals who come from diverse backgrounds from across the world. This is what keeps me going. As a realistic-optimist, even I find it unbearable sometimes to be working in the wildlife conservation sector and live in a world where it seems as if many simply don’t care about the legacy they leave behind. At the end of the day, what really stands out in conservation is the great benefit it has to people. It doesn’t matter if someone works on saving an endangered species or an ecosystem. It all channels down to forging a balanced coexistence with the world around us. If I could give one piece of advice to the younger generation wishing to pursue a career in wildlife, I would encourage you to follow your heart and be rational about the decisions you choose to take. Avoid comparing yourself to others and don’t take things personally – dump the concerns of what people think of you. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions or to ask for help and support if you need it. It’s something that I still find difficult sometimes.” -Mario Shimbov, BSc Zoology 2018 IG: @shimboviswild #ARUProud #ARUAlumni #Zoology #AngliaRuskin #FridayFeeling

'Just beautiful isn't it? As I told you, here in Cambridge the parks are full with animals and this is the first one that I wanted to show you guys. A duck seems simple to many, but for me, this or any other animal has its own beauty and that's why I'm starting my Zoology course this year at uni. I love the colours, the shape, and the personality... They are so pure and maybe beyond people for me, because they don't have intention or ethics - they just cooperate with one another and nature to keep the planet thriving instead of what we do.' @_diogodomingos_ thank you for sharing this beautiful image 🦆 #WhereARU #Cambridge #ARUCambridge #Photography #Zoology #ARUProud #GoingToARU #Duck #DucksOfInstagram #ARUAnimals