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Why do so many women oppose feminism? And why are we so afraid of the ‘F-word’? #OurPeople, Dr Magdalena Zawisza, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, has just written an article discussing gender issues in The Independent and The Conversation online. There has been much discussion on sexual harassment in the media after revelations about presidential candidate, Donald Trump, hit the news. So, it may come as a surprise that only only 13% of female Republicans look on him unfavourably. Why is this? Dr Magdalena Zawisza, examines this - read her full article here: Dr Zawisza specialises in gender issues in advertising, gender attitudes and stereotypes cross-culturally. We’re also are excited that Madalena will soon be launching an ARU research consultancy website. Find out more about Magdalena here:
Why do so many women oppose feminism?

Just when you thought sexism was a thing of the past, revelations about Donald Trump bragging about groping women hit the news. Yet only 13 per cent of female Republicans think he should stop campaigning for the presidency. While women generally favour his Democratic rival Hilary Clinton, 49 per cen...