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“University was never really on the cards for me – I took the opportunity when it came and tried my best to make the most out of it and not take it for granted. I read a lot of books, I researched and did work on my own business ideas; I spoke to and got advice from tutors – basically anything I could do to be proactive in my own progression." #ARUAlumni Kris worked in care for 12 years, progressing from care assistant to management, when one day, ARU called his workplace, asking if anybody was interested in doing a foundation degree. Kris tells us that although he hadn't achieved good grades at school, he could use the NVQs he had achieved through care work, and so he jumped at the chance. Near to completing the foundation degree, Kris was given the option to stay on to convert the degree into a full Bachelor's. Kris left ARU with a First Class Honours in Management. “I proved most importantly to myself, that in fact, most things ARE possible with REALLY hard-work and a good plan in place; I now had all of this new-found knowledge, and I knew that I had a responsibility to myself to apply it – so I started applying for jobs within the music industry". And now? Well, Kris is Managing Director of PROLIFIC, an artist and brand agency. #ARUProud

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