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It’s time guys! 🎥 We’re watching ‘My neighbour Totoro’ (available on Netflix) and we’d love for you guys to watch and share your thoughts on the film in the comments, or by tagging us in your posts and adding the hashtag #ARUTheBigWatch! Not to your taste/ no Netflix? Watch anything you like and still get involved by commenting what you’re watching, or sharing a photo of your movie night set up or snacks! 🍿 Make sure to use the # for #ARUTheBigWatch and tag us in your posts so that everybody can see! #ARUOwnItWeek #NetflixNight #WatchParty #MyNeighbourTotoro

It's time for #ARUTheBigWalk! Follow our journey on the hashtag #ARUTheBigWalk or let us know about your own walk: from what the weather's like to what you're listening to (don't forget to include photos if you can!) by using the hashtag or replying to this post. #ARUOwnItWeek

It's #ARUOwnItWeek and feel-good Thursday... so we've put together a list of things you can do to make you feel-good by achieving small tasks. Here are the top 5! Watch our highlights on Instagram and tell us what you do to stay positive and feel-good:

Ready for #ARUTheBigWatch ? 🍿 Tomorrow evening (Friday 29 January) we’d like to invite you to The Big Watch: one of the three events to end #ARUOwnItWeek! From 8:30pm, we’ll be watching feel-good kids film ‘My Neighbour Totoro’, available on Netflix (although you can watch anything you like). We’ll be using the hashtag #ARUTheBigWatch on Twitter to share our thoughts and to discuss the film with other people watching! How to get involved: turn on the TV, and tag us in a Tweet or Instagram post to share your own thoughts about the film (or let us know what you’re watching if it’s something else) -Bonus points if you include a photo of your cosy Friday night set up! #ARUProud #ARUTheBigWatch #NetflixParty #AngliaRuskin #FridayNightFilm #RuskinTheRhino

Bakers, at the ready! 🧁 Tomorrow (Friday 29 January) we're hosting #ARUTheBigBake: one of the three events to end #ARUOwnItWeek! At 16:30, we’ll be uploading a video to follow along, or find the recipe in the bottom of this caption. We’ll be using the hashtag #ARUTheBigBake on Instagram and we’ll be keeping an eye out for anybody tagging us in their delicious before and after photos, and using the hashtag #ARUTheBigBake. How to get involved: get baking! Here’s the recipe we used for chocolate cake (but you can bake anything you like!) Main cake: 150g butter. ¾ mug sugar. 3 eggs. 1 mug self-raising flour. 3 tablespoons drinking chocolate. 1 tablespoon water. Filling/ topping: Small carton of cream. 140g bar of Dairy Milk chocolate. 1 Flake. #ARUProud #ARUTheBigBake #BakersOfInstagram #AngliaRuskin #FeelGoodFriday #RuskinTheRhino

Let’s get walking! Tomorrow (Friday 29 January) we’'re inviting you to join us for The Big Walk: one of the three events to end #ARUOwnItWeek! From 14:30, we’ll be setting off on a 45-minute walk. We’ll be using the hashtag #ARUTheBigWalk on Twitter and sharing snippets of our route on Instagram stories so that we can all (virtually) walk together. How to get involved: go for a walk, any route or pace! Follow along with our journey and share your own photos, videos, or even your step-count using the hashtag #ARUTheBigWalk on Twitter or Instagram- Bonus points if you can recommend a good podcast! #ARUProud #ARUTheBigWalk #DailyStepCount #AngliaRuskin #FeelGoodFriday #RuskinTheRhino