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It's time for #ARUTheBigWalk! Follow our journey on the hashtag #ARUTheBigWalk or let us know about your own walk: from what the weather's like to what you're listening to (don't forget to include photos if you can!) by using the hashtag or replying to this post. #ARUOwnItWeek

Let’s get walking! Tomorrow (Friday 29 January) we’'re inviting you to join us for The Big Walk: one of the three events to end #ARUOwnItWeek! From 14:30, we’ll be setting off on a 45-minute walk. We’ll be using the hashtag #ARUTheBigWalk on Twitter and sharing snippets of our route on Instagram stories so that we can all (virtually) walk together. How to get involved: go for a walk, any route or pace! Follow along with our journey and share your own photos, videos, or even your step-count using the hashtag #ARUTheBigWalk on Twitter or Instagram- Bonus points if you can recommend a good podcast! #ARUProud #ARUTheBigWalk #DailyStepCount #AngliaRuskin #FeelGoodFriday #RuskinTheRhino